Product Catalogue

KLESTER System product catalogue

Thermal insulation and furnishing of facades with professional construction and finishing mixtures KLESTER System since 1951

It is used for the binding (adhesion) of surfaces to each other. There are two classes of adhesives for facade works: polyurethane and cement. The first type is used for mineral wool and expanded polystyrene, and the second type for any material of internal and external insulation.

It is used in thermal insulation systems of external or internal walls of housing. White material obtained from expanded polystyrene comprising of 98% air.

It is used for the reinforcement of plastering and spackling surfaces. Main components: glass fiber yarns.

It is used to cover the facades with a decorative layer. It carries not only a decorative function, but also protects the walls from the environmental impact.

Applied in construction for blockwork using stone and concrete blocks, bricks, as well as for the construction of concrete structures. Main components: cement, sand, and various mineral supplements.

It is used in construction for leveling of surfaces prior to the application of thin-layer decorative or paint coatings. Main components: cement, gypsum, lime, and various additives.

It is applied for the adhesion of various coatings to the substrate (paint, putty, etc.); absolutely all treated surfaces are to be primed before general construction works.

Used for leveling of concrete surfaces or mineral substrates for various types of flooring. The self-leveling mixture has high elasticity; it is designed for the creation of smooth surfaces and restoration works.