Expanded polystyrene plates EPS 50

Expanded polystyrene

The universal thermal insulation material is manufactured industrially by foaming polystyrene granules and subsequently sintering them together with the help of water or steam. For many years expanded polystyrene has been occupying a leading position in the market of building materials including thermal insulation materials. Environmentally friendly. It is used for the installation of partition walls.

Use of EPS 50 expanded polystyrene blocks

Expanded polystyrene blocks are designed to perform insulation in places without loads, lightweight walls and in carcasses of partition walls, and are also used in so-called "light and dry method” of the heat insulation of walls.

Density 10 kg/m3
Thermal conductivity 0,044 W/(m*K)
Compressive strength 45 kPa
Tensile strength 70 kPa
Ultimate flexural strength 65 kPa
Water absorption per volume in 24h 2,5%
Flammability class D1