Facade netting KLESTER System

Facade netting

Reinforcing netting for facade works used to increase the strength of the system; it also serves as a base for further decorative and finishing layers. Glass fiber yarns, from which the reinforcing facade netting is produced, have a high density and resistance to alkali. Thanks to these properties, it protects the walls from precipitation and prevents their destruction.

Reinforcing of the substrate with facade netting

Facade netting is used for the reinforcement of the treated surface. Facade netting is used as a reinforcing material before applying plaster or putty. Reinforcing with the plaster netting increases the adhesion of the substrate with the solution, significantly increases the strength of the coating, saves the surface from cracking, chipping and other defects, and reduces the load from temperature drops and humidity. The use of the facade netting significantly prolongs the service life of the structure in general.

Facade netting is simple to use and easily processed. Not subject to corrosion, resistant to most chemical solvents and decomposition during operation.

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