Reinforcing netting

Facade netting

Reinforcing netting for facade works used to increase the strength of the system; it also serves as a base for further decorative and finishing layers. Glass fiber yarns, from which the reinforcing facade netting is produced, have a high density and resistance to alkali. Thanks to these properties, it protects the walls from precipitation and prevents their destruction.

Use of reinforcing netting

The glass fiber netting is recommended for the reinforcement of plaster and spackling coatings of interior and exterior surfaces. The reinforcing netting has a surface density of 160 g/cm3. The netting width of 110 cm provides optimum consumption taking into account the mandatory overlap of 10 cm of adjacent rolls.

Technical data:

  • Composition: glass fiber yarns
  • Mesh cell size: 5x5 mm
  • Yarn thickness: 0,52 mm
  • Density: 160 g/cm3
  • Package: roll 55m2, width 110 cm
Operating temperature reinforcing netting

Operating temperature: from +5oC to +25oC

Consumption reinforcing netting

Consumption: about 1,1 m2 per 1.0 m2 of heat insulation

Colour reinforcing netting

Colour: yellow