Facade paint KLESTER System

Ready-to-use paint based on acrylic resin emulsion. Easy to apply, with good covering power, resistant to weather conditions: rain, sun rays, frost, and wind. The paint is an ecological and non-toxic product. Creates a smooth paint coating without “wrinkles” and cracking. For interior and exterior works.

Ready-to-use, based on silicone emulsion and combination of acrylic binders. Easy to apply, forms a flexible coating that protects the surface from moisture in the best possible way. It is characterized by very high vapor permeability, high resistance to factors of environmental pollution, UV rays, as well as high mechanical resistance. It is an ecological product resistant to microorganisms and little susceptible to contamination. For interior and exterior works.

Facade paint is a decorative composition for the coating of exterior walls of buildings. Outdoor paints for facade work have not only a decorative function, but also protect the walls from environmental impacts.

Facade paints means aesthetics and additional protection of building facades

Facade paints, except visible aesthetic qualities, have a number of additional advantages.

Good facade paint should facilitate diffusion. In other words, the moisture must come out of the wall without obstruction, thus entering the wall again shouldn’t be possible. The paint that has such a property reliably protects the facade from the wash-out of the plastered layer, as well as protects the foundation from moisture and further freezing of the facade.
Exhaust fumes, industrial pollution and other chemical threats contribute to the formation of karst peelings. That’s why now many modern facade paints contain environmental substances that protect the facade from aggressive chemical attacks.
Antibacterial properties of the facade paint safely protect the walls from fungi, mold and other biological life forms.
Facade paints containing fire retardants reduce the risk of accidental fire and significantly slow down the process of the spread of fire.

When choosing paint it is necessary to pay attention to the following characteristics:

Binding agents. This characteristic greatly affects the overall quality of the product. Acrylate or acrylic paints are considered the most reliable and durable. Copolymer latex paints are less reliable, but their price is more attractive. By making a choice in favor of cheaper paints, we can expect more frequent repairs of the facade.

Hydrophobicity. Coefficient indicating the extent of the absorption qualities. The high rate of the characteristics indicates a low coefficient of the paint’s hydrophobicity.

Resistance to solar radiation. The most resistant to UV rays are the acrylic paints.

Resistance to mechanical impacts.The paint abrasion is measured by the number of cycles of wet or dry processing. The standard durability is more than 5000 cycles before the complete abrasion of the paint from the surface.

The consumptionis specified by the manufacturer on the packaging. But for more objectivity the future texture of the processed surface should also be taken into account. For a smooth surface the paint consumption will be lower than for an inhomogeneous.

Drying rate — this parameter depends on the paint base. The manufacturer indicates two values of this parameter on the packaging. The first is the drying rate before applying the next coat of paint.

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