SP-114 Silicone decorative plaster


Plaster mass designed to perform texture and decorative works. Produced based on silicone resin emulsion and aqueous dispersion of acrylic resin, with mineral fillers, waterproofing substance, modifying additives and pigments. Does not contain ammonia and organic solvents. After hardening becomes water and frost-resistant. Has very high vapor permeability, adhesion, durability, resistance atmospheric impacts and dirt.

Use of decorative plaster Silicone SP-114

The solution is designed for manual decorative works on flat and solid mineral, primer, concrete coatings (traditional, light, thermal insulating), concrete substrates, as well as reinforcing layers in the heat insulation systems of buildings. Depending on the content of mineral fillers the solution helps to get a grooved texture (“rustic-textured”, grooves, diffused - depending on the type of smoothing) or the “vermiculation” texture (granular). It is not recommended to use acrylic plaster in the case of heat insulation of walls with mineral wool, as well as in the case of applying plaster on wet walls. For interior and exterior works.

Technical data:

  • Composition: silicone emulsion, acrylic dispersion, mineral fillers, aids
  • Bulk density: about 1,87 g/cm3
  • Relative diffusion resistance (unsmoothed 3 mm thick layer): ≤ 0,14 m
  • Water absorption after 10 hours: ≤ 390 g/m2
  • Package: 25 kg plastic bucket
  • Storage: up to 12 months from the manufacturing date in a dry place in undamaged packaging at the temperature from +5ºС to +25ºС
Texture Solution consumption per 1m2 at the granularity of grit:
grooved 1,5 mm 2 mm
1,7 kg 2,4 kg
grainy 2,4 kg 3,4 kg

Operating temperature: from +5oC to +25oC

Granularity of grit: 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm

Colouring: 380 colour palette