ZM-42 Cement plaster for machine and manual application


Plaster solution, manufactured industrially in the form of a dry mixture using mineral binding fillers, modifying agents (including light) and additives improving the operational properties. After mixing with water forms a uniform plaster solution with high adhesion to the substrate. Waterproof. Frost resistant. Suitable for use inside and outside of buildings.

Application of ZM-42 plaster

The solution is designed for machine and manual application of traditional plaster coatings in one or more layers inside and outside of buildings. The mixture can also be used in priming-plastering works for decorative coatings. It is allowed to use on the walls and ceilings made of concrete, ceramic and sand-lime elements, light concrete etc.

Technical data:

  • Composition: Portland cement, hydrated lime, mineral fillers, modifying additives
  • Compressive strength: CS II
  • Adhesion strength: ≥ 0,2 MPa
  • Vapor permeability: 25
  • Thermal conductivity (table value): 0,83 ≤ W / (m * K) C = 50%; ≤ 0,93 W / (m * K) C = 90%
  • Reaction to fire: class A1
  • Grain size: 0-1,0 mm
  • Soluble chromium content VI: ≤ 0,0002%
  • Package: 25 kg bags
  • Storage: 12 months from the manufacturing date in dry conditions in undamaged packaging
Operating temperature plaster

Operating temperature: from +5oC to +25oC

Thickness of layer: 5-15 mm

Suitability time: about 1 hour (at the temperature of +20oC and air humidity of about 60%) after mixing with water

Consumption ZM-42 plaster

Consumption: at the thickness 1 mm about 1,6 kg/1 m2

Mixing proportions plaster

Mixing proportions: about 4,25 l of water per 25 kg. After 5 min. mix again