ZM-11 Waterproofing mixture


The single-component waterproofing mixture in the form of a dry mixture is industrially manufactured with the addition of mineral and organic binding materials, mineral fillers and modifying agents.

After being mixed with water takes the form of a homogeneous solution which is easy to use and has high adhesion to the substrate.

After the drying forms the seamless insulating coating of light, medium or heavy type depending on the number and thickness of the applied layers. Resistant to water in swimming pools, tap water and water of elevated temperature. Vapor-permeable. It is used indoors and outdoors on dry and slightly damp substrates.

Application of ZM-11 waterproofing mix

The solution is designed for waterproofing in all areas with high humidity (showers, bathrooms, etc.), waterproofing of internal and external surfaces of tanks and pools, waterproofing of basement walls and the outside of the foundations, as well as waterproofing of terraces and balconies with the use of reinforcing fiberglass mesh. It can be used for insulation of mineral substrates with a maximum width of cracks up to 0.4 mm.

The following substrates can be coated with the waterproofing solution: ordinary concrete, walls made form ceramic, silicate, and concrete elements of lightweight fillers and cellular concrete made with full seams, cement and cement-lime plaster.

Technical data:

  • Composition: Portland cement, polymer binding materials, mineral fillers, modifying additives
  • Bulk density: about 1,68 g/cm3
  • Ability to fill cracks: ≤ 0,4 mm
  • Adhesion to the concrete substrate: ≥ 1,0 MPa
  • Water resistance: ≥ 0,5 MPa
  • Runoff: none
  • Soluble chromium content VI: ≤ 0,0002 %
  • Package: bags 25 kg
  • Storage: up to 9 months from the manufacturing date. Store in a dry place in original sealed packages
Operating temperature waterproofing mix

Operating temperature: from +5oC to +25oC

Minimum thickness waterproofing mix

Minimum thickness: 2 mm

Maximum thickness waterproofing mix

Maximum thickness: 5 mm

Minimum number of solution layers waterproofing mix

Minimum number of solution layers: 2

Suitability time waterproofing mix after mixing with water

Suitability time: about 2 hours at t +20oC after mixing with water

Preliminary hardening waterproofing mix

Preliminary hardening: about 60 minutes

Drying time of the first layer waterproofing mix

Drying time of the first layer: about 3 hours

Drying time of subsequent layers waterproofing mix

Drying time of subsequent layers: about 3–4 hours

Consumption waterproofing mix

Consumption: about 1,5-1,7 kg/m2 for the insulation layer of 1 mm thickness