ZM-32 Self-leveling poured floor 6 h (5-35 mm)

Self-leveling mixtures

Produced industrially in the form of a dry mixture using mineral binding fillers, modifying agents, doesn’t contain casein. After mixing with water forms a homogeneous, easy-to-stir mass. Has high resistance to loads. It is used to eliminate defects of floor substrates, level the surfaces, or eliminate excessive surface roughness. Excellent for the leveling of heated floors.

Use of ZM-32 thin-layer self-leveling mixture

Designed for machine or manual application of leveling coatings on floor substrates for tiles in premises. It can be used for the leveling of the surface in the case of both new and repaired floors and other elements (for example, worn internal stairs) in housing and general construction. Suitable for the laying on hard and supporting cement, concrete, anhydrite substrates, as well as on substrates made from natural and artificial stone.

Technical data:

  • Composition: Portland cement, aluminate cement, dry hydrated lime, mineral fillers, modifying additives
  • Bulk density: about 1,30 g/cm3
  • Compressive strength after 28 days: ≥ 30 MPa
  • Flexural strength after 28 days: ≥ 7 MPa
  • Soluble chromium content VI: ≤ 0,0002%
  • Package: 25 kg bags
  • Storage: up to 12 months from the manufacturing date in a dry place, in original sealed packages
Operating temperature self-leveling mixture

Operating temperature: from +5oC to +25oC

Suitability time self-leveling mixture

Suitability time: about 30 minutes (at the temperature of +20oC and air humidity of about 60%) after mixing with water

Thickness of layer self-leveling mixture

Thickness of layer: 5-35 mm

Walking on the floor:within about 6 hours (at the temperature of +20oC and air humidity of about 60%)

Laying of subsequent finishing layers

Laying of subsequent finishing layers: within about 7 days after application (at the temperature of +20oC and air humidity of about 60%)

Consumption self-leveling mixture

Consumption:about 1,5 kg/m2 per 1 mm thickness of layer